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Optimize Heating, Cooling, Humidity and COcontrols in one revolutionary system that solves grower problems, improves product quality, boosts year-round yields and drives bottom-line results

Professional growers understand that plants thrive under slightly different and unique combinations of temperature, relative humidity, CO2 content, light levels, and length of growing days. These same growers have found no commercially available system or solution that automatically and dynamically addresses all of these climate factors on a continuous basis, year-round.

Until now.

Today, at our demonstration site near Buffalo, New York, our greenhouse is growing lettuce and CBD hemp with a fully integrated solution that enables growers to select their own recipe for heating, cooling, humidity and COlevels using our patented, automated system.

Produce Power & CO2

Our system produces low-cost CO2 and enough self-generated electricity to operate greenhouse lighting and often returns power back to the grid!

A Smarter Grow Space

Our brilliant Mixing Box calibrates the precise formula for Heating, Cooling, Humidity and CO2 to create the ideal space for healthy, thriving plants.

Fully Sustainable

Our Mixing Box is Earth-friendly, creating a full-cycle, water-neutral, closed system that reduces or eliminates the need for pesticides and fungicides.

Choose a New Path

Learn how to grow quality yields and boost bottom-line performance year-round.

Welcome to Tropos Technologies

Our name means "a turning" – and our technology is truly a major turning point in solving the vexing problems associated with greenhouse production. Today, we are doing what no one else has been able to achieve: growing healthy, thriving, stress-free plants that enjoy a utopian growing environment that maximizes their optimal need for light, heat, cooling, humidity and CO2 throughout every second of the day and night to ensure high-quality, abundant yields.

Are you ready for a turning point in your business? Welcome to Tropos.


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