Medical Cannabis

As the medical cannabis business grows and becomes more regulated and inspected for quality standards, it will be vital for this crop to be grown in a highly controlled environment. It must close the door on pests and make mildew a thing of the past.

For growers, achieving peak product quality, eliminating crop losses and reducing operational costs are essential to their ongoing commercial success. This is especially true as facilities increase in size, scale and sophistication.

No unified controlled environment system has been able to address all of these grower concerns. Until now.

The patented Tropos HCHC environmental control system precisely calibrates Heating, Cooling, Humidity and CO2 – maintaining a perfect cannabis growing ecosystem on a continuous basis, without the need for human intervention.

Our system uses state-of-the-art environmental controls that protect against pest and disease infection more effectively than other methods, helping to reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides – a key consideration for cannabis customers.

Our patented technology fully controls and continuously calibrates the environmental conditions within the grow space to achieve high-quality plants, avoiding harmful, destructive dewpoint levels that typically lead to crop losses and plant disease. By mixing strict control of outside air with adequate air changes inside the grow space, we are able to provide the desired climate in each room while also providing low-cost COand enough self-generated electricity to power the intense lighting demands of this crop.

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How the Tropos HCHC System Works