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About Us

More than 10 years ago, inventor and visionary Mack Shelor believed he could solve the huge climate control problems that have prevented greenhouses from locating in most areas of the United States and parts of Canada. Through persistence, determination and collaboration with his colleagues at Tropos, Mack realized his dream by developing and patenting his idea.

Today, his concept is in full operation at a commercial greenhouse in a traditional “no grow” climate zone near Buffalo, NY. The facility generates on-site power and precisely controls heating, cooling, humidity and CO2 (HCHC) to optimize healthy plant growth and development. We are working with leading universities at this first-of-its-kind greenhouse, refining best practices and steadily building on Mack's game-changing vision.


Leadership Team

Team Bios

Tom serves as Chief Operating Officer. He has been actively engaged in the process and energy industries since 1981 and involved in implementation of combined heat and power (CHP) and independent power projects for more than 20 years. Tom has served with Tropos since 2014. He holds a B.S. in biology from Bates College in Lewiston, ME.

Mack is Chief Technology Officer and originator of our revolutionary HCHC greenhouse system. He holds the patent on the HCHC process, five patents related to the use of reciprocating engines in greenhouse settings, and another patent for raising perennial plants in highly concentrated environments. Mack holds a B.S. in business and finance from Virginia Tech.

Arnold is Chief Financial Officer for Tropos. He brings more than 45 years of experience in energy, finance, investment banking, and corporate leadership. He is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

John is Chief Commercial Officer for Tropos. He is a founding partner of Baltimore Steel Partners, a steel solutions company. He previously served as vice president of sales for Bethlehem Steel Corporation. John holds a B.S. in metallurgical engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Larkin is Chief Sales Associate for Tropos. A founding partner of Baltimore Steel Partners, he previously served as national sales manager for Bethlehem Steel Corporation. Prior to joining Bethlehem, he was president of CSI Services, a prominent mechanical contractor. Larkin holds a B.A. in business and economics history from Vanderbilt University.

Paal is CEO of Wheatfield Gardens, a fully operational greenhouse near Buffalo, NY, and sister enterprise to Tropos. Our common parent, Power Greenhouse Integration, LLC, acquired and reconstructed the Buffalo greenhouse to serve as a pilot demonstration site for our HCHC process as well as an ongoing commercial enterprise. Today, Wheatfield Gardens is a year-round grower of cannabis for industrial hemp applications and butterhead lettuce for regional grocers. Paal has extensive experience helping emerging companies develop successful sales and marketing strategies. He holds a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Maryland.

How the Tropos HCHC System Works

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